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During my visit to Siem Reap Cambodia. We took a Tuk-tuk every day and it was the best way to explore the country. Here is my attempt to capture the experience. The photos were shot during our ride from the floating village back to Siem Reap.

This was the setup used to take these photos.

Setup for this series of photos

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View from Anak-Krakatau

View from Anak-Krakatau

I was planning for quite some time to visit Krakatau. The trip finally happened and as most of my memorable trips had been, this was also spontaneous.

Krakatau Island

Krakatau is a volcanic island entirely made of flow lava in the Sunda Strait between the islands of Java and Sumatra in Indonesia. Krakatau is known for its massive eruption in 1883. The massive explosion was heard until Mauritius which is almost 3,000Km far. The eruption destroyed two-thirds of the island of Krakatoa.  Eruptions at the volcano since 1927 have built a new island in the same location, named Anak Krakatau meaning Child or Baby Krakatau

Evolution of Krakatau (Source: wikipedia)

Evolution of Krakatau (Source: wikipedia)

Anak Krakatua is a 300m wide island formed in 1930 due to undersea volcanic activity. The size of this island has been increasing ever since its birth in 1927.

Krakatoa (Source: Wikipedia)

Ship & the Crew

Reaching Krakatau turned out a very tough task than we thought. Just getting a boat to go to Krakatau took us almost 3 hours. Finally we got this boat. Even though it was a double engine boat, it took us almost 2 hours to reach anak-Krakatau.

Kralatau from our boat on the way to Anak Krakatau

However the first sight of krakatau makes us forget about all the trouble, it was beautiful! Rest of journey was over before we know it.

The moment we land there we knew this was different than any-other beach we had been.

The jet black color of the beach is due to the volcanic rock turned into sand by the sea water. It’s a battle ground of nature’s two most powerful forces – the volcano and the sea. It was a treat to witness it firsthand.

Krakatau as seen through the dense forest of anak-krakatau

The forest at the base of anak-Krakatau was surprisingly dense for an island which is just 80 years old and has active volcanic activity with eruption of pyroclastic flows & volcanic ashes every now and then.

Trek to anak-Krakatau (photo by: Jaya)

The forest disappears as we moved towards the top

As we trek towards the peak the forest started disappearing. The soil changed from hard rock to soft sand like soil and it started getting hot. At first I thought it was just the sun and absence of trees around me.

View from the top (not the mountain peak)

As we reached the top we realised the mountain peak is impossible to climb as it was active. It explained why we felt hot as we climbed up. It was like standing next to a hot car radiator. The creator of this magnificent island was finally in-front of us.

The Creator (Photo by Jaya)

It felt as if we were not on earth. But it was getting late so we quickly trek down to have lunch and get to Krakatau for some snorkeling.

View was definitely delicious than lunch today (Photo by Deepak)

We had our lunch on the beautiful black beach with picturesque view. That’s when I made my next plan to camp here for a night.

Me & George snorkeling near Krakatau (Photo by Jaya)

On the way back we stopped at the main Krakatau island for some snorkeling. I didn’t have enough time to try the photos of the corrals and the light was not suitable at all. Priority was to enjoy it

Last Glimpse

On the way back, the sea got really rough. It turned out to be a three hour roller coaster ride back home.

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The much awaited, discussed, planned and envied trip finally happened…

I know you are excited

I know you are excited

The planning was going on for a while

The planning was going on for a while

Girls took the matter in there own hands

Girls took the matter in there own hands

And then they discussed...

And then they discussed...

And talk... Ya talking is different from discussing, I don't know ask a girl...

And talk... Ya talking is different from discussing, I don't know ask the ladies...

Finally things get going...

Ya I know you are still excited

Ya I know you are still excited

Ok, Let's go

Finally, we are flying...

they too

And they too

The Journey was fun

Eating is always the first stop in every trip

What the...

Does this camera even click?? I didn't see a flash, did you??

Does this camera even click?? I didn't see a flash, did you??

Nah, This is not real

Yes it is real

Yes it is real

This need no caption

And Suraj thought he ca skip a few days of bath...

And Suraj thought he can get away with a few days of bath...

Where the hell is the reverse gear??

Hurray!!! It's moving

Ya Safarchanda doesn't give courage... I told you, you should eat Wada-Pav

Banda Analysing, I don't know what

Santoor Mommy in Aciton

Renu on Flying Fox... But Where the hell is that damn fox??

That's a lazy way to swim

Oh come on!!!

Smile and I will shoot you...This is the closet you can get to a smile while someone is pointing a gun at you :)

Ya I was punished... Don't even think about asking why??

One of the most fun-filled weekends...

I know you all are thinking, We should have been there. But let's face it, You missed it... And we missed you too...